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On May 18, 2019 I made the plunge to the dessert. I have been waiting to see Arizona for so long and I will have to make multiple trips to see everything that I want to see there, but this trip was a great start to some of my bucket list items.


On this trip I was able to Visit Sedona. Sedona is a therapeutic, soul-centering city where many locals believe that it has healing powers. There are multiple hikes and it is recommenced to hike barefoot to recenter yourself to heal from the red sands. "I was wearing my Chacos the whole time so I basically was barefoot ;)" Sedona had so much to offer. My favorite spot was Devils bridge trail. I met three amazing women where we hiked to the bridge while telling our life stories. Its always so great meeting people while hiking because some hikes get extremely hard and this hike was a hot one! Devil's Bridge was insanely beautiful and adrenaline rushing. I also visited the Cathedral Rock in Sedona and apparently trespassed on some old mans property so I literally got a can shook at me. LOL. "lost my sunglasses in the commotion."

Another favorite on this trip was visited Antelope Canyon. There are two area in Antelope Canyon. Lower and Upper. Lower is easier to get into and less expensive. They both almost have the same aesthetic as well. I would recommend going out with the first tour as it will be less crowded and easier to get a people-free photo :D. These canyons are formed from years of water rushing through theme leaving extremely smooth and sharp canyons that stand 100s off feet tall. They were breath taking with the sun seeping through the cracks. I had so much joy on this trip. I honestly waited for awhile for it because I didn't want to make the trip solo, but I went solo and had a blast!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


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