From June 11th-June 18th I got the opportunity to explore San Diego, California! Exploring Cali has been on my bucket list for a long time, and I was super excited to see what the state had to offer. From the week that I got there I was able to see a plethora of scenic views, eat fresh fish from the ocean, go to dive food places, and explore 4 different beaches; one including a nude beach that had 900 steps down the mountain that took a total of 30 minutes to get down to! I made new friends on this adventure and spent my evenings walking down the west coast through sunset. My parents visited me while I was down here and we did a lot of adventuring too! Some of these adventures included: Three Sisters Falls, which was a treacherous hike to a stunning waterfall dive pool where I jumped off a 40ft cliff into a devils hole, we saw Torrey Pines, which had a beautiful view of mountains and the ocean, we also went on the Ho Chi Minh Trail hike down to Black's Beach that had beautiful boulders you had to squeeze your way through. I was also able to meet up with my friend Claire where we went snorkeling and kayaking down in La Jolla. This trip was a beautiful, long adventure that I will never forget. SO thankful for the memories.



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