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August 10, 2019 I went to go see Gulf Shores! First and foremost, I highly recommend visiting here rather than the typical Florida. Gulf Shores has much cleaner beaches and the water seemed to be a lot nicer!!!! 


There is this amazing bar and junction on the borderline of Florida and Alabama. I think it’s called Florbama, it is a must to go see. 


On this journey I wanted a relaxing weekend getaway and that is exactly what I got. I spent my time laying in the sand soaking up the sun. One day was a little hot and I constantly had to get into the ocean because there was no breeze. After two hours that day I packed up my beach bag and decided to go shopping because I hadn’t been in a long time. 


I spent the next five hours in Alvin’s Island and it felt like I bought the entire store! I found so much clothes that I absolutely adored and had a blast trying everything on. After my shopping extravaganza I decided to go to the Gulf State Park to see some small sand dunes and light hiking.


I ended my weekend watching the sunrise and sunset on the beach and it was magnificent! 




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