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On January 25, 2019 I finally made it down to the Bahamas!! I decided last minute to pack my bags on Friday to have a long weekend in this Caribbean paradise. I found the cutest hostel located right by Junkanoo Beach where I met the raddest group of humans. The amount of culture, ethnicity, and race that filled this room made me super excited. We had Spain, France, Belgium, South Africa, and Ireland in our group. 

The first night that I was there we all had a blast in the common area sharing food, experiences, and personality. After the bonding we all shared, we decided to squash up in two cars and go out in the city of Nassau for some drinks and dancing. The Ireland guy bought as all the first two rounds, and of course, it was beer. We had a blast all dancing together and meeting Bahamian locals. After about three local bars on Junkanoo's beach, we decided to go over the bridge to the casino! Boy, was it thriving with snake skins, furs, leather, Italian shoes, and designer dresses. We definitely came to the fancy part of the Bahamas. Although, none of us actually gambled, but we still had a blast dancing and drinking in the bars at the casino. We also took a walk on the pier where the yacht club was docked. I have never seen so many beautiful, rich, extravagant, lavish boats in my life. One ever had an aquarium in it. 

If you decide to go to Nassau; Cabbage Beach is by far the prettiest beach in the area. It is also the largest and most active. It even has excluded areas where no one goes, but they are still beautiful. I got an all-day-pass for drinking out of coconuts and pineapples for only 20$. They were the best beach drinks I have ever had. I think I was so excited for the beach drinks, that I forgot to put on sunscreen.....keep in mind I'm blonde, white, and have Irish blood. I started on the beach at 8:30 am and didn't leave until 4:00pm....little to say, I was a lobster....friends please remember to wear your sunscreen, I got so burnt that I got a condition called Hell's Itch. I have never experienced this before, but it was the worst thing that I have ever gone through. I almost went to the ER because I couldn't stand it. SO WHERE YOUR SUNSCREEN KIDS! On this journey, I also got to go skinny dipping in the ocean that the movie JAWS was recorded at! Luckily, he died in the movie so I didn't have to worry about a 100 foot shark attacking me ;).


This was by far the best beach journey that I have been on and you will see why in my video. The water looked untouched, the fish were so tropical and friendly, the sting rays wanted to cuddle you, and the locals were so friendly that one hopped in my car to show me how to get to the best fish fry around. I I ate conch for the first time and It was INCREDIBLE! Please try this if you ever get the oppurtunity. It is the sea creature that comes out of a conch shell. It is very popular in the Bahamas. This was such a relaxing trip to just layout and enjoy the beach and drinks. I highly recommend visiting the Bahamas because it was a journey that I will never forget. 



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