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On August 2, 2019 I arrived in the cutest airport that I have ever seen! Jackson Hole was so quaint and we exited the airplane outside, instead of walking in a tunnel. The exit had insane views of mountains surrounding me. I knew I was going to have a blast from the first look that I had at this incredible city. For those of you that know me, YOU KNOW THAT I am 100 percent me when I am around a mountain and hiking. I couldn't wait to explore the 2 National Parks here, Yellow Stone, and Grand Teton. 

I got to my rental and instantly began my journey to the Grand Teton National Park. I visited numerous lakes including Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake Dam. While hiking up the Grand Tetons I went to Inspiration Point at the top lookout to view Jenny Lake. I took a ferry boat to get to this section and I couldn't believe how clear the water was on this lake. After exploring the Grand Tetons, I then ventured to my next destination, Yellow Stone National Park.



I definitely knew that I wanted to see Old Smokey and all of the Prismatic Springs, especially the Grand Prismatic Spring. These crystal clear hot water holes were stunning!! The vibrant colors had my eyes dancing. I really wanted to soak my body in one of these hot springs, but it was not allowed in this National Park. After looking at all the hot springs I wanted to go see Old Faithful explode before my eyes. Sadly, when I arrived I was too late, and it goes off every 45 minutes. I decided to go on another adventure while waiting to go view the buffalo. I raced back to Old Faithful because I was running short on time. I began to sweat as I slammed my door shut frantically approaching Old Faithful. I could see the water streaming to the sky, but I was so far away. Again, I missed it for an up close perspective, but I still got to witness the uproar for Old Faithful. I then dragged myself into the OF lodge and had hot coco and buffalo meatloaf homemade in the kitchen.  

It was getting late at this point, and I hadn't booked an airbnb, but had my rental car! I said oh well, I've slept in a rental car before, might as well do it again. SO, I tucked myself in at the McDonalds parking lot to rest my eyes before my morning take off back home. Although, I did not realize how cold it gets at night, and I wasn't prepared with my cut offs and shorts, but I made it work! This city definitely kept a little piece of my heart with it. 



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