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On May 31, 2019 I finally went to go visit the state of potatoes! Boise, Idaho was a trip to remember. I met my friend Giovanni here and we planned a weekend of Idaho adventures. Everything in Idaho is so spread out and to see the nature you have to drive 3-8 hours to see almost anything. 


We went to the town he grew up in called McCall. This is a small mountain town with beautiful homes surrounding a huge lake. We got sushi at a local market and adventured the mountain land. 


We had planned to go see Kirkham hot springs because this state is very famous for all of the natural springs that it has, but unfortunately there was a huge thunder storm so we took our trip back to Boise to watch the sunset in Nampa. 


Gio also took me to visit the potato fields of Idaho and who knew potatoes actually grew in the ground?! Lolol I’m very cultured about the main food group that I eat now. 


The gorge, Boise river, all the lakes, and hills of Idaho were all breath taking.


This was such a fun weekend and I’ll definitely have to go back to Idaho to go visit the hot springs and to gemstone hunt! 




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