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On April 14, 2019 I left Greece to visit Vienna, Austria. This is a very small country so I only spent a day here visiting all the beautiful churches, artwork, palaces, and architecture. 


My first stop was the famous Schrönbrunn palace. This place was huge!!! It has a bush garden maze and I was super excited about this because I’ve always wanted one of these myself. The gardens of the palace were so well kept and stunning. 


The famous dish Wiener schnitzel is from here so I had to have that! Growing up our dad would always joke around about Wiener schnitzel and say the term in a funny voice. Honestly we thought it was some sort of hot dog from Germany lol! This dish originated from the word Wien. Vienna was originally called Wien and schnitzel is just fried meat. The fried meat is normally pork. It was delicious! It is also famous in Germany, but it comes from Austria. 

On this short trip I was also able to attend a traditional Austrian festival where I had a donut with the famous spread of their city made from apricots. I THOUGHT IT WAS IN HEAVEN. This desert was incredible. They also had traditional dancing with Austrian outfits at this shindig. I found out that this festival happens every Saturday and all the people of Vienna gather around City Centre, drink beer, dance, eat traditional foods, and engage in small talk. 


To finish up my Austrian trip, I took public transit to multiple churches to soak up all the traditional gothic architecture. Hundertwasser house is famous for being the bright and colorful neighborhood with apartments painted all different colors and this part of the city was unreal. It looked like something from Dr. Seus. I also went to city hall to see the famous Karlsplatz. 


This trip to Vienna, Austria was incredible. 




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