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On February 22, 2019 I finally got to go see the East Coast! This was a quick weekend getaway to go see my friend David while exploring the famous lighthouses, eat tons of lobster, and go to speakeasys downtown. We saw the oldest lighthouse in Maine. It is known is Headlight of Portland. This lighthouse was magnificent. The light was currently still moving around at the top for the ships to see. 

After walking the shoreline by Headlight lighthouse we decided to go to a smaller, quaint lighthouse that is called Spring Point Ledge light. It had a walkway for about 300 feet of huge rocks that you had to jump across. This view was also astonishing. The temperatures during this time are really cold so we didn't site see for too long and by this time we were both thinking about lobster roll. We decided to go to Highrollers for our lobster roll and it was a fantastic choice! Lobster roll is steamed lobster with butter *of course* on a bun topped with mayonnaise.  

This event filled day required a nap before our night out in the speak easys and to dinner on the shore to have yet again, lobster! We met up with a friend David had made while being in Maine and we all decided to order Raw Oysters that came with 3 various cultures. My favorite was the Wolf shell. This restaurant was called Scale and the ambiance of this place was incredible. All of the seafood was super fresh and iced for display. I ordered a pan seared lobster with garlic mash potatoes and greens. BEST LOBSTER I HAVE EVER HAD. After dinner we piled up in the car and drove to a speakeasy to meet another friend. Blyth & Burrows is a speakeasy that you have to push a book shelf open to enter! HOW COOL?! I ordered a cocktail called Sweater Vest and it had fresh sweat potato juice with roasted marshmallow cream on top. After this bar we went to another speakeasy that had dancing and we all danced the night away while playing with beach balls and light sticks they had upstairs. 

This adventure was unforgettable and the east coast definitely surprised me. 





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