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On February 15, 2019 I decided to fly back out to Colorado to go skiing! I have been snowboarding before in Denver, but never tried to ski. I talked to one of my good friends, Brielle, and she was so down to go skiing at Loveland ski resort. **FYI Loveland has the best prices in Colorado for skiing or snowboarding, everywhere else is way overpriced!** Bri just moved to Colorado to start up her life and career, so she hasn't had much time to explore. This was her first time too and she did way better than me!!!

I arrived to Denver at 2am on Saturday morning and only had 3 hours to sleep before our road trip to Loveland Ski Resort. I was so excited that it didn't even matter. At 5:30am we decided to go to the local grocery store to get some snacks for our skiing adventure and of course we had a very nutritious breakfast at chick-f-la :D I would recommend going really early like we did to Loveland because the traffic in Denver is insane. It also snows extremely bad when you are driving towards the mountains, so it will take much longer to get there than what it say. 

After we arrived to Loveland we got our clothing rentals, skis, boats, and all the essentials. But before that, we got in trouble for flying the drone in the ski resort area, whoops...who cares I got some great footage. ;) After 7 hours of skiing; we closed the resort down after 1,000 butt falls, fails, and bruised hip bones. I also thought I got frost bite on my fingers because they were hurting so bad... **always get the mittens when skiing or snowboarding, they are 45% warmer than gloves, I had no idea.** That night I met up with my friend Elliott to go to the XBAR drag show! We had a blast watching the performances. 

While visiting Denver I also got to see 16th St. Mall, Capitol Hill, and the Denver zoo! I was so impressed by the zoo because the exhibits were so large for the animals. The Giraffes and elephants had so much space to roam around freely. For my last day, I met up with my other friend, Shannon that just moved there 7 months ago. We decided to go to Lockout Mountain to have a photoshoot. It was so snowy and beautiful, but the curvy road was a little sketchy with snow. I was so excited to see 3 really great friends on this journey  to Denver, Colorado. What great memories this trip gave me!





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