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I couldn't wait for this journey to begin on August 18, 2018. I flew into New York for this trip and got a rental car to cross the border. FYI neverrrrrr do this because convenience fees, toll rode fees, and EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF FEE goes into play when crossing the border. Just fly into the country.

Anyway, lol; the extra expenses still did not stop my journey. I have waited years to see Niagara Falls and I couldn't wait to get on the Maid of Mist to see it up close. When I was touring the falls on the ferry I got so giddy inside because I am literally in love with all water falls and Niagara is the queen of them all. I really liked both sides of Niagara, the NY side, and the Canadian side. Both places offer different angles and views. Yes, of course the Canada side is well-kept more and has more flowers and pretties, but the US side still is a beautiful view of the falls. 

After the falls, I got into my rental car to explore Canada. FYI Canada border control officers do not like American blonde boys for some reason. Since I was receiving sass from the officer for no apparent reason, I obviously had to wink at him to make him feel uncomfortable :D. After the long questions, I was released to visit and explore Canada. I knew that I wanted to go see the Badlands because they were a beautiful, red-orange, hilly adventure that I wanted to explore. After the navigation to the Badlands without any service in Canada what-so-ever, I FOUND THEM!-----anddd they were closed because it was "inhabitable." The sign read, "DO NOT ENTER, WILL BE INCARCERATED." Instantly I thought, inhabitable----inwhatveritable; incarcerated----intermebecauseidrove3hoursrated.

So----I entered, jumped the fence, ripped my shirt on the fence, lost my phone in the mud; but still got an awesome pic to remember the Badlands. I went to Hilton Falls Conservation Area after that mess and found the most angelic lake. I took a quick dip into the lake to cool off and just relax. This trip was so much fun and I was so excited to cross off yet another bucket-list journey.



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