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On December 3, 2020 my handsome guy and I flew out to Central America during a global pandemic!!! This was a hard decision for us because not only did we want to protect ourselves, but our families as well. I have waited almost a year to do out of country travel and with airlines and hotels taking as much precautions as they are we felt safe and made the go! I cannot strive how much Andaz Costa Rica made us feel safe with Covid. They took every precaution and safety protocol you can think of! 


This long inclusive vacation consisted of rain forest hikes, endless drinks at the beach house, multiple room service calls, hot springs soaking, and spa treatments. We loved spending our days soaking sun at the Andaz Beach House drinking banana coladas and having a spread of food in front of us that we could not eat. LOL- we indulged in so much of the food because the chefs were all so talented and we fell in love with Costa Rican cuisine. The tours that the Andaz concierge set up for us with zip lining in the jungle, horseback riding to the famous waterfalls, coffee tours, water slides in the rain forest, volcano sight seeing, and mangrove canoeing in the papagayo peninsula were all so incredible and we were never bored once. (Maybe just exhausted after all the adventurous activities, but they are all so worth doing and seeing!!!) 


Since some of our days were so packed adventuring, the Andaz team took note to make us a couples spa and massage package in a outdoor jungle room and outdoor spa bath for two! Alinia and Loly were phenomenal masseuses. They even laid a trail of flowers up to the flower bath!!!! How romantic and over the top?!?! 


Yare, Luiska, Randy, and all the kitchen staff made our breakfast, lunch, and dinner not only a meal, but a feast with over the top service. 


Bridgett and Carlos come highly recommended for pool shack cocktails and some nice small talk!!!! Thank you guys for all the memories and making us stumble back to our room :P


Charlotte at Andaz did an amazing couples yoga lesson for brandon and I that focused on communication, trust, and ways to eliminate stress. We so needed this to relax and we loved every second of mastering some amazing Acro yoga poses!!!


Debbie and Agustin were our right hands to help us plan the whole trip and without them we would have been lost!!!! They gave us some amazing recommendations and set up some LEGENDARY tours for us!!


Also special shout out and Thank you to Daniel for golf carting us to, from, sideways, and every way when we did not want to walk. We so appreciate you all so much!!


This was one of the most hospitality resorts we have been to- so much creativity- so much heart- and so much to miss. We love you Andaz family and we love COSTA RICA!! Pura vida.




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