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By far my favorite trip I have ever taken. This journey took place on September 28, 2019. I stayed in Base Guesthouse, Keflavik Iceland- right by the airport. This oasis was really neat and unique. The whole foundation use to be the military and now serves as a hotel and hostel. (and it is extremely affordable) I was so excited for this getaway solely because of the BLUE LAGOON. The Blue Lagoon is known for its natural geothermic healing powers from the country’s core. I spent a solid 8 hours floating, getting pampered, and drinking at the swim up bar while suppling my face with limitless face masks created from the lagoon. After the experience of soaking in the relaxing waters I spent some time in the thermal chambers for some detox. I ended my pampering day by splurging at that the LAVA restaurant and eating a filet mignon. All of Iceland is beautiful, every last bit of it. When you are driving down the road you are surrounded by acres of lava rock covered with 1000 year old Icelandic moss that illuminates. All of the wild horses and sheep that roam are so angelic and FREE! I recommend going to EVERY waterfall you can go to in Iceland- they are like no other ones you have seen before, I promise you that. Gullfoss is a fairy land surrounded by a witch hat mountain. Seljalalandsfoss is a mile high waterfall that you can walk under and feel the power of the earth. Skogafoss is a wide, breathtaking land beauty that will make you start dreaming again. Some waterfalls have (foodtrucks) at them where you can buy lamb soup with bread and coffee that really hits the spot after walking through the cold waters. The Myrdalshreppur peninsula is a beautiful arch in the Iceland waters that have the most unreal views. While in this territory, visiting the Black Sand Beach is a must. This beach has black pebbles as sand and is rated as one of the most dangerous beaches in the world. But do not let that scare you because you do not want to miss this scenic site. HIGHLY recommend eating at the Black Sand Beach Restaurant after and getting the lamb! – best meal I have ever had. If the northern lights are in season, normally during September- January--- Do not miss out. They are like nothing you will ever see. You have to go out of the city where no lights are to see them. While in Iceland – please rent a car because there are so many places to visit and see. Be sure to follow rules and do research before going to this country. I ended up breaking some rules that I did not know about due to a lack of research. OHHH and do not speed they have speeding cameras everywhere. 



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