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01/18/20 --Wow, wow, wow!!! If you want a tropical adventurous vacation- go to Jamaica! Bo and I spent our time in Negril, Jamaica at an amazing resort called Somewhere West. The resort was to die for. The affordable, luxurious beach balcony condo came equipped with an infinity ocean-flowing pool with a well-stocked bar for letting loose!! We enjoyed spending our time on the hammocks when we weren’t exploring. The best beach in this area is called the 7-mile beach. You can get fresh coconut water, beach massages, and tight corn rows in your hair here. Jamaica has some of the prettiest sunrises and sunsets compared to every country that I have been too. We also went off the beaten path to go see the local life in Negril and I highly recommend it because the food, dancing, and music is unforgettable. Rockhouse Resort and Café is another amazing place to stay, eat, and adventure! Rick’s Café is another place that is a necessity to go! It is a cliff-jumping restaurant with live music and great food! We had a blast jumping off cliffs and eating jerk chicken here! OF course jump before you eat!!!! Be sure to go to the Blue Hole to jump as well. One of the coolest experiences I have done, and overall this journey was one of my most memorable tropical destinations. Jamaica truly surpassed my expectations. 



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