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On September 22, 2019 I went to go visit a magical land that only Walt Disney could think of. This fairytale county is filled with castles and little towns made for royalty. Old Town Square has multiple horse and carriage rides on the daily while overlooking the bell tower clock and whimsically shops. At sunrise and sunset it is a must to go drink wine on the Charles Bridge while watching the boats pass by. If you get a chance-- taking a boat tour on the canal is totally worth it. (Also comes with free wine) The plethora of old doors throughout the city is limitless and beautiful. Prague Castle is worth the entrance fee for all the views and the winery at the end of the tour that has a terrace to overlook the city. Beware of evil swans on the canal (they will attack) LOL-I got a sense of nostalgia walking along the famous John Lennon Wall. Be prepared for multiple Instagram influencers to ask you take their pictures. (I had 9 requests) This country has been the most magical European country that I have been too. I would definitely say it is the most cinderellauiq!




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