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August 2, 2019 I battled my fears of hiking Glacier National Park, alone. I did 16 miles of hiking in the park by myself without getting eaten by a bear, tromped by a mountain goat, cornered by a ram, or chased by a moose. (Although I did see each one of those beautiful animals) :D


My adventure in Glacier National Park started at 7am. The park itself is huge so I would recommend getting there even sooner. Know where you are going or what hike you want to do. And bring lots of snacks as there is not much eating options in the park. 


I decided I wanted to hike Grinnell Glacier as this is a beautiful hike that takes you through 3 huge emerald green lakes and to an elevation like no other. The upper glacier lake is insanely cold and super-vividly saturated with the color emerald green. I met a beautiful catholic family that spent an hour at the top of the glacier  with me while engaging in some great conversation. The Andress family had a portable water filter and I was able to actually drink the freezing cold glacier water!!! It was so refreshing and probably the best water I have ever tasted. (Most likely due to lack of hydration and resources on the hike up) 


I decided to dip my feet into the glacier water and accidentally slid down past my waster because it was so slick! I literally thought I was going to be frost bit lol. It was the coldest water I have ever felt in my life!! 


All the hiking in Glacier National Park is fantastic!! I also spent an evening watching the sunset at the Parks Campground. Seeing the sun set across these breathtaking mountains was a sight that I’ll never forget. This long weekend trip was great for self care, self reflection, and self awareness. I am much more confident in myself with hiking now, but boy was I sore after all those hikes... (TIP- if you visit national parks you always have rights to the campgrounds facilities within the parks and you can shower there. I utilized this to feel refreshed after hiking and to save money!)




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