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I was able to visit Spain on December 6, 2018. While in Spain, I got to see Valencia, Catalunya, and Barcelona. My first couple of days was spent in Valencia touring the city, beautiful beaches, and the mountains. I was so excited to see my friend Akil that was teaching English here. I was able to stay with him and explore the country when he was off too! While in Valencia, I visited the Botanical Gardens and it was truly magical, I saw several beaches, and got to lay out to soak up the sun *even though the Spaniards wear winter coats to the beach during this time because they think 70 degrees is freezing.* WHAT?!  Akil and I met up with friends that he had made from London at a house party. We all ate a famous Spanish dish that I was introduced to called Tortilla. Little did I know, I would be eating this every morning in Spain because it is heavenly. Tortilla is a mixture of eggs, potatoes, onions, along with spanish spices backed in a omelette pie.  

The UK friends that I made were so sweet and listening to their accents could never get old. We had such a fun evening roaming the city and entering new bars to taste Spanish wines and liquors, one including a creme liquor. 


After exploring Valencia for three days, I decided to go visit Barcelona! I was surprised by Barcelona because I was thinking the beaches were going to be the absolute prettiest in Spain, but Valencia had more breath taking beaches, one specially on the outskirts called, Cullera. While in Valencia I also visited Malvarrosa and Marbella beach. After arriving in Barcelona, Akil and I got on Airbnb to find a place to stay at on our visit! We found a house with a cute Spainish family right by the Sagrada Familia. If you haven't seen the architecture of this church, it is a must see! Gaudi is known for very gothic buildings and churches that he created. The Sagrada Familia has been under construction for the past 100 years since 1882. The people of Barcelona argue about the architecture not being the same as Gaudi's work so it has been a process to say. 

I was also able to meet up with my friend Jessica that I've known since high school! She has been traveling Europe for the past five months back packing through all the countries *how cool!?* As soon as I met up with her we got a glass of wine to catch up and reminisce. It felt like we just picked up where we left off. Jess, Akil, and myself visited the gothic quarter to check out more cathedral churches and the cultural atmosphere in Barcelona. When it became night time, we went to an art party by mistake, *whoops.* I saw lights flashing with music in a house, so naturally I opened the door and introduced myself. They instantly invited all of us in to their small get together to paint on a huge canvas with them while drinking more wine. One of the best nights in Barcelona was buying 3 euro wine from the drug store and drinking it down the streets of Spain and meeting new friends. Jess and I even got a chance to go hiking on Montserrat mountain, which was absolutely beautiful. Spain was so unreal; the experiences that I brought back with me is even more unreal. What an adventure Spain was. SO BLESSED.



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