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August 31, 2019 I went back to the Caribbean to enjoy some beach and sun time!! The Queen Angel Resort at twerks and cakes welcomed me into their oasis for a week long of relaxation. The double layered pool with a waterfall was such an escape and I went every day to the pool before my adventurous days started. Caribbean locals cooked an amazing breakfast  every day that I enjoyed while watching the sunrise over the blue waves and white sands. On the 3rd day I met an amazing group that included me in on their day drinking activities, massages on the beach, and banana boat tubing on the waves! We had a blast cooking dinner together and lounging in the pool watching sunset. I also found an amazing beach shack called Da Conch Shack that served fresh conch from the ocean right on a table in the sand. The atmosphere was incredible and unforgettable. One of my favorite hidden beaches was called Sapodilla Bay Beach. You can jet ski, get fresh local beverages made in a pineapple or coconut, eat Caribbean cuisine from a grill, and enjoy the blue water at this beach. Grace Bay Beach is the more known beach on this tiny island. It is more of the popular boomin’ place to go and is still just as beautiful! I will never forget this journey and the amazing Texan group that welcomed me in on their trip. 



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