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On December 3, 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands was my next stop. I came to this country with no itinerary or plan on what to do, see, stay, or eat. I simply arrived and started exploring. It turned out to be the best adventure ever....After I found my hostel to stow my luggage, I went to a bar and met a local there! We did so much exploring and little did I know, this country has the Red Light District that I've always heard about where prostitution is completely legal here! I had no idea, so on our stroll was a big surprise to me when we entered the red lights. The women in the glass doors were so funny and pretty! There were hundreds of them standing in the glass doors waiting on their clients to stop by! I had mixed emotions about this law in the country, mostly because of the women's safety, but apparently the crime rate is way down in the Netherlands. I even saw a guy get yellow liquid thrown on him for taking a picture. *I wonder what it was ;)* But little to say, I was proud of Candy..yes I gave her a made up name. 


One morning below my hostel in the Crepes and waffle shop I was of course getting pictures of my crepe while two of the sweetest girls approached me and started a conversation about my GoPro. We then proceeded to talk about our countries and I found out they are living in Israel to teach English, *how cool?!* They ended up inviting me to their table and soon enough we became best friends!!!! Skye and Sarah insisted that I book a ticket to the Ice bar because they were going that night, so I started my search on the web and saw that there was only one ticket left.....*It was meant to be!!* I purchased that quickly and I was then asked to go exploring with them! We had the best day walking the canals and streets of Amsterdam. They taught me different features on photo taking like the burst option on iPhone. *forever changing my life*...We had a blast taking pictures, feeding pigeons, going to the mall, buying new travel journals, and of course going to the Ice Bar!!


Their friend Gabbi joined us the next day and she was the coolest human! Amsterdam is known for sex and drugs, so we decided to visit a sex museum...*How cool?!* The museum had dates back to the 1800s, with photos relating to sex, sculptures, and props...We couldn't stop laughing!!! The next day we strolled around the beautiful train station before I had to say my goodbye. I will forever treasure all three of these beautiful souls that I met on this journey. I can't thank them enough for just saying hi and taking the time to invite a complete stranger to their table and their adventures, but I'm so glad they did because they gave me one of the best Amsterdam experiences that I could get. Thanks for the memories girls. Can't wait to visit you in Israel!



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