On May 3, 2019 I ventured out to the west coast, yet again; but this time I was meeting a great friend. On arrival, I met Laura at her studio to rest before our big day to explore Seattle. On this trip Laura took me to Gasworks Park, the Space Needle, Pike Public Market Center, and Mount Rainer National Park.

Gasworks Park was super cool!! This park persevered the old gas factory that ran the city. The park surrounds this as a focal point. The Space Needle has always been on my bucket list from watching Grey’s Anatomy, of course- so I was super excited to see it. There were so many flashbacks from the series in Seattle that I saw!

I was most excited about venturing out to Mount Rainer National Park. This mountain is a beautiful glacier with a snowy filled peak. Laura and I had a blast frolicking around the woods, finding gazers that looked toxic, having multiple photos shoots, and almost getting ran over in the street.

To end the day, we went out for drinks and tacos with some of her colleagues. I wouldn’t have wanted to explore this magical place with any one else. Can't wait to visit again.


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