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On February 9, 2019 I ventured my way to the famous PHILLY! Of course the main reason I went to Philly was to devour a Philly cheesesteak, but I soon found that this city has so much to explore and see. The city was rated top 3 walkable cities in the country. This was a big plus because I didn't have to get a rental. I was able to use public transportation from the airport to a top 5 rated hostel in America. Apple Hostels was AMAZING! I met these two fantastic German girls where we took advantage of free wine and cheese night to mingle the night away. After four hours of conversation about government, politics, healthcare, life, and anything that you can think of; we parted ways to our rooms. The next couple of days I was able to take my journey to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Rocky Steps, Art Museum, and Eastern State Penitentiary. The Liberty Bell was much smaller than I anticipated, but the bronze shimmer on it was spectacular. Independence Hall had so much American History. I was able to sit down in the congress area where George Washington and other founders formatted our declaration. The Secretary of State's office was breath taking and I couldn't help to notice all of the persevered furniture, and history in general. 

Eastern State Penitentiary is famous for being the first jail "penitentiary" in America. It is also known for housing Alphonse “Scarface” Capone. This Penitentiary officially opened in 1829 and closed in 1971. They have persevered this penitentiary and it has the abandoned, creepy, haunted vibe. Many say that this place is haunted and you can even rent out the building for ghost stays with your friends. "I will be going back for this!" The architecture of this building was made in a wheel shape so there was a center circle for the guards to look down each hall "spoke". The architecture was really thought through. Each cell was very tiny and they believed in isolation so rarely got out of the cell, not even for dinner or lunch. 


I was also able to visit the Winterfest that was going on right by the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. Before entering the fest, I witnessed the most unreal sunset along the historical bridge of Philly. I ice skated my night away while having hot chocolate and watched the beautiful Christmas trees twinkle. This journey was so beautiful and the history lessons that I learned were worthwhile. Visit Philly, you won't regret it. 





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