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On April 8, 2019 I took my journey to a place that I have always dreamed of going. GREECE! It was everything that I had imagined and dreamed of. I spent my first half of my Greece trip in Athens. My friend Sarah was able to join in on my journey for this trip as well!  I have always been intrigued by Greek mythology and was super excited to visit Acropolis, Parthenon, Zeus temple, Odens Theater, and the temple created for Athena. I was able to visit all of those sites and I couldn’t believe the architecture. A God truly had to build these structures. The columns were over 80 foot tall and about ten foot around. It was the largest most breath taking temples I have ever seen. 


Not only did I visit the mythology of Athens, I was also able to take a bus to Vouliagmeni lake. This lake is known to be one of the clearest lakes in the world. The Mediterranean flows to this lake and is encompassed by a beautiful mountain. Little fish live here that give you a natural pedicure and boy, does it tickle!!!!! One of the coolest/weirdest experiences ever. 


There is a huge outdoor market in Athens that has beautiful souvenirs and homemade items. Not to mention all the Greek food. 


I was so excited for our next stop! Sarah and I was heading over to Santorini to meet up with Anna! The first thing when arriving to Santorini we did was eat at an amazing Greek cuisine restaurant. After our dinner we had to hit the hay at our beautiful hotel Sea Le Vie resort. This resort was right on the Black Sand Beach in Perissa. The sand is actually black and it’s pebbles!! For the next morning we had a huge day planned starting on a pirate boat tour of the original island, Thira, that has an active volcano on it. 


After arriving to the island on our boat we hiked up the volcano to see the beautiful views Santorini island has to offer. Our next stop on the boat was to go to a private island of Santorini to eat at one of the three restaurants on the island. At this restaurant we had the most DELICIOUS tzatziki ever. This is geek yogurt with olives and Greek spices used as a dip for pita or just about anything! I had this amazing dip about five other times on our Santorini trip. :D


Oia, Santorini is where the blue domes are of Greece. This was the most magical location I’ve ever been. I couldn’t believe I was surrounded by such beautiful white homes and blue domed churches. This was something I’ve always dreamed of seeing as a young boy. 


Fira, santorini was next. This has donkey rides that we took down to the old port of Fira to watch the sunset and have dinner. Highly recommend the donkey ride down because it took me about an hour and a half to hike back up due to me missing the last donkey rides up. *I was a sweaty mess when I got to the top*


Greece was so stunning and I will never forget all the great food, wine, sunsets, sunrises, and beaches. 



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