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On 08/17/19 I took a solo trip to Arkansas to get some nature under my feet. I went hiking at Pinnacle Mountain State Park and sweat off probs around 10 lbs NO JOKE- really challenging hike. I also was able to go to Cedar Falls State Park to hide a Suicide Awareness Rock with the hotline number on it from my Lost and Found Suicide Prevention Coalition. While exploring the State Park I came across Dick and Jan, a retired 85 and 87 year old couple that comes to this state park every year to celebrate their love and to be one with nature. They told me about Cedar Falls waterfall and how beautiful it is! They told me to take lots of pictures because they are not able to hike the trail anymore so I was able to send them all the pictures I got for their enjoyment. They replied with (Man the kids will not believe it when I show them the pictures and say we hiked to Cedar Falls, lol)- What a beautiful couple that shared their love with me. Petit Jean state park was next on my list to hike and it did not disappoint! Such beautiful pounds, lakes, and trails in this park.



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