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For my birthday week my best friend and I decided to fly to London to explore all of England. June 24, 2019 was the start of our adventure. Elliott and I were so excited to see what the buzz was all about with the magical Buckingham palace, London bridge, Big Ben, London Eye, and of course the photo-worthy phone booths. 


The Buckingham palace was made for a queen ;)! Even though I didn’t get a chance to see the Royal family ---seeing the guards and all the royal architecture around the place was well worth the trip. The royal family actually leaves to go visit their 2nd palace in the summer. The London eye is basically just a Ferris wheel that’s really large, Big Ben is a huge clock on the parliament building that looks magical, the London Bridge is a disappointment because it doesn’t even compare to the Tower bridge (which is actually more photographed). A lot of people get the two bridges mixed up. I think just because the name London sticks more compared to Tower. But the London bridge is older and my girl Fergie has had me curious since I was 10 years old. 


The photo booths are incredible in London. It just bring you back in time to such a simpler age and I ADORE that. England has so much more to offer than London. I didn’t even know Stonehenge was an hour from London until we got there. It was INSANELY remarkable. All I have to see about Stonehenge is that, aliens do exist. Lol there is no way any human could have lifted those rocks back in that time. 


My favorite part about England was a little town called Bath. Bath, England is quaint and peaceful. After going through the stress of learning how to drive a clutch, driving on the opposite of the rode, driver’s seat being on the opposite side, and the roads being this size of a damn SIDEWALK———— Elliot and I spent a good amount of our time cruising on the country side of England, enjoying Bath by strolling the town, visiting historical buildings, and appreciating the amount of work that went into the architecture. 


This trip was incredible and I highly recommend visiting England! If you are trying to budget your trip check out, type in London, and choose the St. Christopher’s Inn. You will get a private bed pod in a shared room for 20$ a night! Can’t beat it. 





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