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After exploring Europe I decided it was time to fly back, but why not fly back to the West Coast instead of Indiana?! I thought it sounded like fantastic idea. And it was!!! As soon as I flew into Portland, Oregon I met my parents because we were visiting my cousin Tammy there! Her vacation home is in Gearhart, Oregon so we got a rental car to drive there to see her beautiful beach front home and to explore the small town of Gearhart. For those of you that have never heard of Gearhart, it was where the Goonies movie was recorded! On this trip, Tammy took us hiking on Tilamook Mountain, Saddle Mountain, and Neahkahnie Mountain! All were amazing hikes. Oregon is also known for their beaches so we had to go visit Cannon beach with beautiful rocks in the middle of the ocean. The fog setting in on the beach was an added beauty while walking barefoot on the ocean line. Instantly entering into this state I knew that this was going to be my favorite place in the US that I have ever visited, and it was. The small town vibe in Gearhart with oceans, mountains, and different temperatures made this place perfect. 

We ate breakfast at coffee girl and had salmon bagels on the water front watching the cargo boats sail by the mountains. Tammy also cooked for us each night  while we watched the Goonies, of course. I couldn't ask for a better cousin, host, and friend to give us such an amazing tour of Oregon. It was so good catching up with her and exploring some amazing hikes and views. Can't wait to visit again!



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