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On July 20, 2018 I went back to my favorite place in the United States. North Carolina is one of the prettiest places that I have ever been because you get a little bit of everything.. the beach, the mountains, the city, and the food, of course! When I was younger, I was able to land a 4 month internship in Charlotte, NC and it was the best experience of my life. I made so many friendships and memories that will last forever. For this trip, I visited one of my best friends I made in this internship in her hometown, Asheville, NC. We hiked up Craggy Gardens to the pinnacle, went to go see a waterfall in graveyard mountains, and picked some fresh blueberries. After a beautiful day doing the adventures we went back to her apartment to indulge in face masks, wine, and movies. This weekend trip was so relaxing and truly a treasurable time with an amazing friend. 



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