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On May 26, 2019 I arrived in the state where dreams are made. This magical place made my jaw drop for one week. The weather was incredible there and I honestly hate that I had to leave and come back to Indiana.

The hills, the sun, the beaches, the sand, the marine life, the FOOD! Everything was so incredible. When I arrived to Hawaii I was instantly disappointed because my mom hyped the plane exiting up so much because back in the day they use to put a lai on you when you landed. “They don’t do that anymore” so I was uncomfortable wearing my tourist flower button up to look cute when getting off of the plane for the lai for no reason.... but the trip instantly got better. :D

I used Roberts Hawaii airport shuttle bus. This is so cheap and they take you anywhere in the island to your hotel in Honolulu. I started exploring Waikiki beach but wasn’t too impressed because it seemed really touristy. I laid out for the next three hours before I got a famous fish called pokè. Pokè is raw salmon in a bowl of vegetables and spices. SO GOOD. Don’t forget to get a pineapple smoothie while being in Honolulu either. :D

Probably my favorite thing on this trip was visiting Manoa Valley where Jurassic Park was mostly filmed. At the end of the trail there is this beautiful waterfall called Manoa falls. I couldn’t believe all the vegetation growing in the valley... it was stunning, just like Jurassic Park!!!!

I highly recommend snorkeling at Hanama Bay. It is preserved for the coral reef and the marine life so the fish are extremely friendly.

HIKING: I didn’t get a chance to do stairway to heaven because it is highly illegal “but people still do it” but I did get to do diamond head trail, and Koko head crater. OMG do not do Koko head unless you have trained for a marathon. It is the hardest hike I’ve ever done.. it is literally just a straight up railroad with 1400 steps to the top. I also did Crouching lion with a local friend that I made. This was also illegal but the police doesn’t regulate it. (Almost every hike is illegal in hawaii because they do not want to monitor it, and with most of them being in the jungle, they are unpredictable.).

HAWAII IS THE PRETTIEST STATE IVE EVER BEEN TO HANDS DOWN. You must go visit and you must get a car to explore the whole island of Honolulu. It is sad to think that 80% of most tourist just stays at Waikiki beach and never ventures out. This was a trip I will never forget.


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