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Guys this trip was unreal!!! On March 23, 2019 I was able to ride horses on the beach with my best friend from high school. I was so excited when Brittanee and Trey asked me to tag along on this weekend getaway to Texas. They mentioned they were bringing their horses and we were going to camp out on Crystal Beach!!! How could I say no to that??? 


The first night was incredible I started exploring Galveston on my own checking out the pier and all the cute little shops while Britt was on her way from Indiana. I was able to lay out to get some sun on Galveston’s beach for about hour before I had to pack up to go across the ferry to get to Crystal beach. I witnessed the most beautiful sunset on the water where the succulents were glowing and the water just glistened with pink gradients. 


Brittanee, Heather, and Trey gave me a call and told me they had arrived to the camp site so I started making my way to the horse farm. After feeding the horses and cleaning out the trailer we decided to go to a crawfish boil and eat 5 lbs of crawfish!!! It was such an experience. “Personally I like my crawfish already taken out of the carcass, but I made it through!” That night we camped out on the beach with a fire listening to old time country music while gazing at the red moon along the shoreline. 


The next morning we woke up at the crack of dawn to ride the horses to the beach for sunrise pictures! Brittanee and I left everyone because they were taking too long and we did not want to miss our sunrise pictures!!!! So we galloped our horses to the beach to begin our photo shoot. After 1,000 photos we decided to start our ride down the shore with the horses. The horses didn’t know how to react, at first the were extremely scared but by the end of the morning they all were playing in the ocean belly deep with us on their back!


That evening we spent in Galveston to eat seafood and enjoy the pier. What a beautiful, short getaway spent with amazing friends to check off a bucket list item of riding horses in sand by the ocean.




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