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On August 3, 2019 I decided to get up and go to Washington, D.C. to fulfill another bucket list item. Last minute, the day of, I planned a trip to go see the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the George Washington Memorial, The Library of Congress, Captiol Hill, and the Madison Building. I knew I could do this trip in a pinch so I was only there for ten hours. This was the most sporadic trip because I did not get an Airbnb, a rental car, and I went by myself. I slept four hours in the airport and used Uber to get around, which made the trip very cost efficient! Seeing all of this in our nation's capital gave me such an overwhelming sense of freedom and grace. The best part of this trip was watching sunrise where Mr. Martin Luther King gave his speech, while sitting aside President Lincoln's Monument. This 5am experience was such a beautiful memory, and what a great, quick trip to remember how lucky I am to live in the US. AMERICA IS BEAUTIFUL.



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