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My Last three days In Europe I decided to go visit Switzerland. I started my Swiss journey in Lugano, Switzerland. This is the Italian Swiss side of Switzerland and I couldn't have been more impressed with all of its beauty. My hostel was my favorite! It had a vineyard and unground pool outlooking the mountains; *the view was insane!* One evening I ventured down to the mountains to look at Lugano Lake and found a group of study abroad students drinking boxed wine in the grass. The temperature here was low 70's while italy was 95. I instantly made friends with them and we had the best of time having a photoshoot and sipping on some Swiss wine!

I was also able to visit Zurich and Winterthur. I couldn't believe the tempertaure here. 30 degrees!!!!! Yeah, you heard me right, 30 degrees! from 90 to 70, to 30!! How is that possible?! Anyway, I only had packed tank tops, chacos, and shorts. I was in a pickle you could say. I did have some lined work out pants packed with me so that helped a lot, but I still had to go find a jacket. Before that, I went to a Swiss bar to grab a beer and some food. The bartender instantly said "not from around here, are you?" I said,"Is it that obvious? hahaha."I told him to give me the Switzerland special and he hooked me up. He did give me a fair warning in advance that Switzerland is extremely pricey, and he was not lying. The beer alone was 15 dollars. But I said ah, treat yoself. So I did! This whole country can be seen in two days from how small it is. I can't wait to go back to hike the Alps.



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