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On April 15, 2019 I landed in Germany. I spent my German excursion in Munich and Neuschwanstein. My main reason for heading to Germany was to visit the castle that King Ludwig created. This castle was the inspiration for Walt Disney. It is also known as the fairytale castle, Neuschwanstein. Ludwig has a very sad story. He was an eccentric King. "Probably how I would have ran the country" and bought lavish castles and invested in building the most powerful and beautiful kingdoms. Ludwig never married and was quite the depressed man. Later after he passed they found his diaries that indicated he was attracted to men and couldn't ever live his life openly so he closed off love as an option. 

I loved the beer in Germany! It was dark, but pretty tasty. Munich has beautiful churches with incredible architecture. This was a quick trip to see a bucket-list castle that I have wanted to see for a long time!



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