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After my trip to Paris I decided to take a bus to go see Belgium. I was told so many mixed thoughts on Brussels, so I decided to visit Brugge, also known as Bruges on December 1, 2018. As soon as I arrived to Brugge, it was pouring down rain and 30 degrees. *YIKES!* Coming from Paris, which was 60 degrees, you could say that I was not ready for that, *lol.* I made my hoodie work and checked into my hostel instantly because I had already lost my marbles with the cobblestone roads fighting my luggage like it was World War III.... After I checked in I went to the cutest dive restaurant right in center square. I had lamb!!! And, of course, a Belgium blond beer. 

I also took a historical walking tour around the city. My tour guide was the absolute sweetest thing on earth. She was so knowledgeable and passionate about her country. I learned so much about the architecture and culture of the people in Belgium. Even though this tour was so much fun, my fingers getting frost bit was not. I did not want to be rude and walk away from her, so I had to find a way to sneak out QUICK! I saw this quaint waffle hut and felt heat coming from the door, so naturally I dove in the hut when the tour guide turned her head. I plopped down right by the fire and can you guess what I ordered?! You got it! A famous Belgium waffle with beef stew fries. *I was in heaven*. The waffles in the United States are nothing like the waffles in Belgium. The batter is much more condensed, sweeter, and thicker. A complete different taste. What an experience, and what an adventure Belgium was.




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