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On July 13th, 2018 I took a trip to Mexico. Instead of doing the typical tourist trap, I decided to do what everyone told me not to do and stay in the heart of Mexico where the locals live! I wanted a culture experience. I wanted to see the true lifestyle of the Spanish, and that is exactly what I got. The beautiful Airbnb I booked in Puerto Morelos was stunning, and right on the beach. Hardly anyone around me spoke any English, but I was fine with it! All of the locals were super friendly and helpful even though they couldn't speak English. "Google Translator was a great tool for this trip." I saw 4 cenotes and man were they breathtaking. A cenote is Spanish for cave with natural waters. Seeing the Mayan ruins like Chichen Itza was also a memory that I will never  forget. That temple must have taken years to build and the architecture was stunning. Cancun beaches had a "rebirth" of the oceans during my stay. There was seaweed on the majority of the beaches, but they were still jaw dropping. I got to spend 20 min in Cozumel after taking a ferry over, and even though I wrecked my scooter rental and almost missed my ferry by having to jump to get to the dock 30 seconds before take off, the views, the beaches, and the ocean life was well worth the fiasco. The water was the clearest that I have ever seen on any beach, and the sand was white as snow with zero imperfections.  What a great experience and what an even greater opportunity to learn the Spanish culture. 



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