On March 30, 2019 I went back to California. Arriving in Cali again was such a breath of fresh air. I got to the airport in the evening and instantly went to go get my rental car. I decided I was going to camp in my car to watch the sunrise at H. Dana Bowers Memorial Vista Point.


Sleeping in the car in Cali was very odd. It got really hot then really cold so I was either rolling down the windows or turning on the heat the whole night. Shout out to target for coming through with a beautiful cheap pillow and blanket. I got up at 5am to see the sunrise over the Golden Gate Bridge and it was so unreal. I highly recommend watching this insane sunrise. 


I decided to go to Baker’s beach because it has the prettiest view of the ocean and the bridge so it was going to be perfect for pictures!!! After Baker’s beach I mingled my way up to the Painted Ladies. For those of you that don’t know what this is, it is the Full House scene of houses! My 90's vibes were everywhere as I approached these stunning, Victorian beauties. I met an awesome girl on this view where we talked for the next hour about blogging and traveling! I was getting hungry so of course I had to go visit in-n-out burger!!! It did not dissapoint :D These fast, fresh food joints are only in the west coast and I highly recommend it. 


To end my day I went to the fisherman’s wharf to view Alcatraz. “FYI if you actually want to enter Alcatraz book it a month in advance” My 90 year old grandma was having her birthday on Sunday so I decided to get to the airport early after my adventurious day to celebrate with her and the family. Of course, the airport had a hiccup. Long story to make short, the pilot was illegal to fly because he went over on hours by 1 minute because the gate agent couldn’t get everyone on the plane in time because of a passenger throwing a fit about not being upgraded to first class..... what happened next? Every passenger, 55 of us had to wait the next 6 hours for an on call pilot to arrive. Thankfully they brought us food and blankets but it was a very rough night the least to say. 


California always takes my breath away and the Golden Gate Bridge was everything that I expected. Working in mental health, I am passionate for this bridge for all of the prevention work they are taking on it from all of the suicides they have each year. 


What an amazing journey this was. 




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