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This journey was split between October 1, 2018 and January 10, 2019. These two event-filled weekends were a blast in the Big Apple! Back in October, I visited my vivacious friend, Brooke! She is following her dream in NYC and you will see why. She is beautiful, exhilarating, and knows how to work the camera! It was so great to catch up with her while visiting the city, and of course the famous Statue of Liberty. Boooooy, Lady Liberty was so eye catching sailing by her on our ferry as we were getting ready to dock. I couldn't believe how big she was! Seeing this national landmark made me feel proud to be in the US for all the freedom it brings to us. 

For my second adventure I wanted to go ice skating in Central Park so I flew in to LGA to check this off of my bucket list. Guys, if you haven't seen NYC in the winter time, make it a priority to go visit. The city makes winter magical. I arrived to NY, NY in the night time without any accommodations. Askhat, a host on AirBnb was so accommodating and helped me on this journey. His location is a great spot in the Brooklyn area. Check his spot out! 



That night I met up with Brooke again, but this time I had to find her in Grand Central Station! HOW CUTE?!! I found her so quick because she isn't the type of girl that blends in. We ventured out on Time Square and walked under all the lights until 3am! It was everything that I had imagined. The next day, I went to the Wollman Rink to go ice skating in Central Park. It gave such a 1950's vibe while skating right under all the skyscrapers. It was one of the most romantic experiences that I have had. Make sure to bring cash for this ice rink because they do not accept card...I was lucky to ask two girls if they had venmo and I could pay them back online...They said of course, and by nature; we ended up being best friends all skating together! Jozi and Mariken gave me such a great experience in NYC and one was even from Norway doing a 2 year mission here! After ice skating for hours we decided to walk the streets of the city to go shopping and get hot chocolate! *I got 3 cups on this trip* Central Park was beyond beautiful and I am so glad someone had the idea to make such a large park in the middle of this huge city. My new friends wanted to go explore the Brooklyn Bridge with me and I was all about it! We took the subway to get the full New York experience, and the subway entertainment did not disappoint! We were able to see 4, 80 year old men singing in perfect harmony as a quartet group. They called themselves the oldest NYC subway entertainers, but were definitely the best I had seen on the trip. Once we got to Brooklyn Bridge we went to DUMBO neighbored to get the "famous shot"of the Manhattan Bridge. After having a lengthy photoshoot, we were able to take our time strolling down the Brooklyn Bridge gazing at the city lights. What a great journey. 



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