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On June 27, 2019 I was able to visit my dream country with a great friend. Ireland met my expectations +. The only thing I was shocked by was not every part of Ireland is luscious green hills and valleys with rainbows, cliffs, and whimsical animals. Only 1/4 of Ireland has that ‘Ireland image’, but that 1/4 is totally worth it. 


If you visit Ireland I would not recommend staying in Dublin. It is all city, populated with homeless, and a little on the dirty side. Dublin does make for a good night circulating pubs full of drunken Irish folk. I also wouldn’t recommend spending more than a night in the city of Dublin, but it is something that everyone should cross of their bucket list! 


Renting a car and going to the country side of Ireland is what I enjoyed most!! Cliffs of Moher is a given and a must to go visit. On the way up to the dangerously steep cliffs; you will get a site of multiple castles that you can rent out, some lakes, valleys, and numerous sheep! 


I think my favorite area of Ireland would be Glendalough. Glendalough has a number of locations famous from the beautiful, romantic movie, P.S I Love You. The valleys in this area are breathtaking!! 


Be sure to get an engraved beer glass at a souvenir shop. They are inexpensive and memorable! You can also make Ireland cheap with lodging by booking a hostel at St. Johns!!





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